RAW's Trafficking of Indian Children to Israel to be Used as Food

Monday, February 6, 2012

RAW's Trafficking of Indian Children to Israel to be Used as Food

First a little about the Grover murder:-

The victim was there at the invitation of the woman who invited him for the purpose of engaging in fornication. What kind of a "fiance" was the killer to her if not just another fornicator? Had they been married, he would have had the right to divorce her; had he given her an engagement ring, he would have had the right to demand the ring back; had the victim used violence against him first, that might have been provocation for counter-violence. Had he found him forcibly raping a friend or even a stranger, that would have been provocation for violence, even extreme violence. Going to your favorite whcre and finding her with another customer is not justification for murder. If they were having perverted 3-way sex involving violence like the Amanda Knox case in Italy, that is still murder. Chopping into over 300 pieces suggests the two cooked and made a curry of the victim and ate him and the police and judge knew that, saying they 'burned' the pieces instead of 'cooked' the pieces; the two took the skull, rib cage and leg bones to the forest. The fact that he bled to death over several hours suggests that parts of his body were cut out while he was still alive and eaten raw. The victim may have been invited by the two not for fornication but for eating him. "Provocation" might provide extenuating circumstances for a lighter sentence, not for acquittal, if the victim had been slapped. For killing and chopping the victim's body in over 300 pieces, burning/cooking the pieces and transporting the bones to a forest, both of these deserve to hang. The High Court or the Supreme Court should step in, on its own or at the request of the victim's family and also remove the judge from the bench. The criminals must not be allowed to profit from their crime.

The police knew that the two cut the victim in more than 300 pieces because the killer woman told the police that in her confession. The entire text of the confession must be made public. That will make clear that all that took place in over three years after the confession was an exercise in covering up and compounding the crime, by the police and judge primarily. Unless the confession is made public first, the High Court and Supreme Court will continue the exercise.

The two perpetrators of the crime are reportedly from Kerala. They may be Cochin Jews (many Jews take cover identities as Christians as the woman in this case has). Jews have been associated with practices that involve re-enacting the crucifixion of Christ on their victims -- death by crucifixion, for which the police and judge used the term 'stabbing', following torture takes several hours of bleeding as occurred to the victim in this case -- and using the blood, etc. of the victim as food, as occurred in this case.

The cover up of the crimes in the case and the light sentences and VIP treatment given to the perpetrators are due to India's Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) through which Israel has established profound control over the Indian government described in my blog above.

Added on July 4 '11: The movie and TV offers to the killer woman which have also shocked the public were due to the control that American Jews -- whose control over the American movie industry and media is proverbial -- have established over the Indian media. The Jews moved to establish substantial control over Indian media including cinema and cinema theater chains after a letter of mine in Delhi's Patriot newspaper two decades ago, referred to in my blog, about the movie 'Schindler's List' about the killing of Jews during World War II. Their control over other media such as television came in a flood during the BJP government because Israel has been the sponsor of both terrorism and defences against terrorism and has had the BJP in its pocket for the political benefits it has brought it. After I wrote the preceding paragraphs yesterday, the Indian media dropped the Grover murder case; instead I saw on NDTV today two consecutive stories that ran for perhaps ten minutes and were endlessly repeated about a drunken man who was son of a ruling party politician, who engaged in "eve-teasing", tied and dragged "like an animal" despite being son of a ruling party politician and a boy who returned a rickshaw late tied to the rickshaw with a chain -- both in Bihar. My blog above describes crimes of the Jews against India that are billions of times more serious than the murder above which are being covered up by India's media, government and political parties for decades.

July 5, 2011: When some people in Pakistan (likely instigated by Jews) beheaded a Jew named Daniel Pearl of the Wall Street Journal, Indians foolishly joined in the condemnation when they ought to be cutting up the New York Times correspondent(s) in India in over 300 pieces and feeding them to the Israeli embassy staff.

The Jews' fondness for human flesh is far easier sated on Indians than on those around them. Thousands of missing children from India end up in Israeli kitchens and it costs them less than goat meat.

There are Indians who take part in this trafficking but do not know the children are headed for the kitchens. All Indian governments in recent years have facilitated this trafficking and have been handsomely rewarded by the Israelis.

The cover up by police and politicians of the trafficking and killing of Indians for organs in the Nithari case in Noida is well known. The trafficking of Indians for food occurs on a much bigger scale. When the Congress Party president and her son spent a number of days in Switzerland recently taking care of their black money there, they were told in no uncertain terms by the Jewish bankers that their ability to keep their black money hidden depended on the continuation of the trafficking of Indians for food. Both the Congress Party president and her son had to partake of such food with their bankers to seal the agreement.

July 6, 2011: RAW had proposed a processing facility to prepare and ship the meat of Indians to Israel but it was rejected because Jewish custom requires the victims to be tortured and killed over several hours before they can be eaten as was done in the Grover murder. Recently the Supreme Court included the head of RAW in a panel on black money abroad so the Supreme Court judges' share in the money can be better negotiated.

The bankers -- who work with their governments -- also had the Congress Party president and her son agree to take their dictation in all matters -- domestic and international -- concerning India. I have described over the past two and a half decades, in articles, letters to the press and press releases, how the disclosures of kickbacks in the Bofors and HDW deals were orchestrated and calibrated by the CIA to force Rajiv Gandhi to agree to have India's population used as guinea pigs for AIDS vaccine development and how heroin addiction and AIDS infection were spread by RAW for this purpose first in India's tribal Northeast and later the infection was taken all over India. The agreement the Congress party president and her son made during their long stay in Switzerland makes India the happy hunting ground of European countries and the United States in all matters, making Indians a population of cattle for their use as they see fit, not just for food and as guinea pigs.

July 11, 2011: If, in a maneuver to save itself and the government in New Delhi, RAW has proposed basing India's nuclear-armed missiles in Iran from where they can reach Israel, it should be rejected. Any such moves will be reported in all details by RAW to the CIA and subjected to all the sabotage it is capable of. RAW employees deserve the death penalty for the gravest treason and cannot escape it. India's nuclear-armed missiles can reach Israel directly from India.

July 12, 2011: A day ahead of an announcement, on July 11 '11, of a national security task force and in preparation for it, RAW carried out two railway accidents within hours of each other on July 10 '11, killing about a hundred; the one in Assam has been named as being due to a bomb and the cause of the one in U. P. remains unknown. I said in my blog (above) on October 29, 2005: "As I have shown in letters to the press over the years, almost all terrorist acts in India over the past 23 or so years have been carried out by India's Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), often through groups sponsored by it in other countries and the explosions in Delhi today are no exception. And RAW acts as a branch of the C.I.A. in carrying out these explosions as in many other acts of destruction and sabotage against India, including some train accidents such as the Gaisal train disaster which killed several hundreds, as I said at that time." The purpose is to make terrorism the main threat to national security and keep India busy tackling terrorism with the help of Israel and the United States. Members of the national security task force include an ex-head of RAW and Kakodkar, who took a hefty American bribe to castrate India through the nuclear deal and the task force is headed by Naresh Chandra who, like almost all Indian ambassadors to the United States, worked for the CIA (see my blog).

Why was U. P. chosen for the deadlier of the two railway accidents? The Nehru family is CIA-RAW's designated ruler of India and Google News India front page has 34 stories under "Rahul visits rail mishap victims in UP" such as "Video: Rahul visits Kalka Mail survivors", "Rahul Gandhi Thrashes Indian Railways Over Kalka Mail Accident Bad Management". Right under that is a collection of stories under the heading "Congress For Aggressive Campaign Against Mayawati [in U. P.]". In other words, the accident was staged so Rahul Gandhi could visit the victims and his visits to the victims splashed all over the media and so to politically promote CIA-RAW's designated rulers who have been having problems in U. P. I have pointed out similar political purposes in the Gaisal train disaster and other accidents and terrorist incidents.

The Congress Party president is known to be a whcre and her son a gang-rapist. Having eaten the meat of Indians with her Jewish bankers, she has a lot in common with the woman who committed the Grover murder who was referred to by the judge in his judgment released on July 7 as a "lady" who was too "feeble" to have killed anyone. To 'neutralize' what I wrote about their partaking of the meat of Indians with their Jewish bankers, the son refrained, like an upper caste Hindu, from eating food offered to him by a dalit family in U. P. with whom he stayed, according to Mayawati who called him a "casteist" for this reason. But his father was half-Parsi and his mother is a Mleccha -- an untouchable who cannot be permitted to enter Hindu temples and nor can he, being a Mleccha untouchable himself and there is nothing either he or his mother or CIA-RAW can do to change this since caste is determined by birth, despite the lives and blood of hundreds more Indians sacrificed for him in the Kalka Mail accident.

The murder of Madhav Rao Scindia by plane crash by CIA-RAW, to keep the way clear for the Nehru family, is one instance of murders this whcre has committed. She had fornicated with Scindia before killing him, just like the woman who murdered Grover had fornicated with him first. Fornicating with a victim and then killing him often go together. The Congress Party president is a practiced practitioner of this combination of acts.

July 15, 2011: To distract from what is said in the preceding paragraph, which was transmitted at 8:34 A.M. IST of July 13, 2011, RAW carried out the blasts in Mumbai ten hours later the same day starting about 6:50 P. M. IST of July 13 '11.

This is what you should know about RAW:-

I have written (for example in my article titled ‘India’s Technological and Economic Emancipation’ in my blog titled 'Nuclear Supremacy For India Over U.S.' : http://www.nuclearsupremacyforindiaoverus.blogspot.com/ ) about the continued control of Indian intelligence agencies by British and later American intelligence agencies after 1947. India’s Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) was split off from the Intelligence Bureau which had continued after 1947 to be loyal to the British. Later the Americans supplanted the British and RAW functions as a branch of the CIA against India. As part of this relationship, CIA-RAW exercises extensive control over the Indian media and, among its various activities, engages in sabotage of indigenous research and development to keep India dependent on other countries for defence and other equipment (the nuclear deal is just another CIA-RAW operation of that kind, though of a scope and with consequences far graver than any such operation till now).

An example of this is a Bharat-Rakshak discussion thread about a black box installed by the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) in the indigenously developed Arjun tank that documented the sabotage of its engines during trials by the Army; such sabotage has been the basis of the Army's rejection, on RAW's prompting, of the Arjun tank in favour of imports (as I said in the above article, India‘s Army is the collaborator Army that helped the British rule India and, even after Independence, all its regiments and units have retained their former identities and regularly celebrate the anniversaries of their founding by the British). A CIA-RAW operative, who serves as a moderator on Bharat-Rakshak and controls the forum, recently locked away this discussion thread so that numerous posts that had appeared documenting the sabotage of the Arjun tank were covered up. The major metropolitan newspapers, on most of which CIA-RAW exercises extensive control, have made no mention of the black box -- which was like the flight data recorder in aircraft -- installed by DRDO in Arjun tanks and the shocking findings about the sabotage even though a report on this was provided to them by the Indo Asian News Service (IANS).

There is across the board sabotage by various means by CIA-RAW to keep India down technologically, economically and militarily. RAW's grip over India is comparable to the old KGB's grip over the Soviet Union, with the difference that whereas the KGB worked for the good of the Soviet Union, except toward the end, RAW has always worked for its imperialist paymasters. The role of politicians in governing India is insignificant compared to that of CIA-RAW but RAW has no place in the public's consciousness or in discussions of public affairs in India.

An important point about the sabotage of Arjun is that people on the Arjun discussion thread on Bharat-Rakshak were aghast at the Army's behavior and calling for Army brass being tried for treason, etc. but it will be a mistake to stop with the Army; it is RAW which is behind such sabotage not just of Arjun but of India's interests, technological, economic and other, in a lot of areas. RAW has operatives in the Army at various levels but it is necessary to go to the root of the problem. RAW has to be destroyed and I have suggested that a brand new external intelligence agency be formed with the help of military intelligence (RAW is supposed to be India's external intelligence agency but at least 90% of its activities are within India, against India).

The destruction of RAW does not mean simply disbanding the agency and letting its employees continue their service to the CIA through other organisations, old or new, or in other roles. It is a mammoth agency with just the number of joint secretaries in the hundreds. It is India’s real ‘government’ and the politicians and civil servants largely obey its dictates. It puts the words in the mouths of cabinet ministers, etc., and determines most policies that are, erroneously, attributed to them. Any one, even a prime minister, whom CIA-RAW considers inconvenient is eliminated, if necessary by death, as I have said regarding the deaths of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and, later, Rajiv Gandhi in my article titled ‘How India‘s economy can grow 30% per year‘ in my blog titled 'Nuclear Supremacy For India Over US'.

Over the past many years, I have shown how almost all terrorist incidents in India since 1983 have been carried out by outfits controlled by the CIA either directly or through intelligence agencies in the region, including India’s RAW. The Jain Commision of Inquiry, which went into Rajiv Gandhi’s death, acknowledged that the LTTE, which carried out his assassination, was created and controlled by RAW. It was an open secret that MQM, in Pakistan’s Sindh province, when it was known as a terrorist organization, was a creation of RAW. But the same is true of many terrorist outfits that operate in India.

Another example of RAW’s multifarious activities, that I have described in press releases, articles and letters to the press since 1987, is its spreading heroin addiction and AIDS first in India’s Northeast then elsewhere to provide the United States with a population to use as guinea pigs for AIDS vaccine development, after the CIA was assigned the task of roping in a population for this purpose. I have described how both Rajiv Gandhi (after being blackmailed with threats of exposure of the Bofors and HDW kickbacks by Swedish and German media at the CIA‘s instigation) and Vajpayee cooperated in this. But terrorism, etc., are the least of its activities; I mentioned those only because the existence of terrorism is publicly known. Its sabotage of India’s research and development activities, of which the sabotage of the Arjun tank is just one example, is among the deadliest of its activities.

The nuclear deal and its various aspects -- replacing indigenous production of uranium and reactors with imports, the capping, rollback and elimination of India’s nuclear weapons program, media control and buying up politicians, scientists, etc. for this purpose -- is just the largest and deadliest of such activities, leaving out the 24-hour satellite surveillance and all the crimes, at the cost of hundreds of millions of dollars per year for the past 31 years, against India’s greatest scientist, described in my article titled ‘How India‘s economy can grow 30% per year‘. The point is that all the tens of thousands of RAW employees are guilty of the gravest treason and deserve the death penalty. So do all those -- politicians, civil servants and others -- who are willing collaborators of CIA-RAW.

The recent Lokpal movement is another illustration of RAW's activities. I have written:

---------------------START QUOTE---------------------
Just as RAW-induced cricket fever sweeps India and does no good and a lot of harm to India, replacing real victory and supremacy over white countries, for example, with fake 'victories' and 'supremacy' over enemies, Hazare's fake fast was entertainment -- the arrests and conflicts with government are meant to generate support and make/keep him a hero -- sponsored by CIA-RAW to keep India 'Gandhian' -- and so poor, weak and enslaved -- due to the recent disclosure that M. K. Gandhi, a lifelong British agent, was a homosexual who wrote to the white man "How completely you have taken possession of my body. It is slavery with a vengeance". Nehru admitted to U.S. ambassador Galbraith that he was a lifelong British agent. In my press release dated May 31, 2011 I said "In a letter which appeared in Indian Express, Delhi, under the heading "The Organ and the Keys" two decades ago, I described how RAW was supporting the half dozen terrorist groups in Sri Lanka against one another, playing them like the keys of an organ, bringing them all under its control to produce whatever music it wanted. I have said Anna Hazare's fast was sponsored by CIA-RAW (see my blog below) but now RAW is also supporting Baba Ram Dev and if it makes him prime minister, will keep the threat of bringing his office under Lok Pal and, with true or false charges of corruption against him, keep him under its control. The Intelligence Bureau, out of which RAW was created, did this for half a century under the British -- instigating Hindu-Muslim conflicts and partition of India, etc. -- and continues the tactic to this day. Other activities of CIA-RAW, the real ruler of India, are deadlier, such as sabotaging its defence and economy. ... In the same letter in Indian Express I pointed out that a New York Times report shortly before the 1991 General Elections and Rajiv Gandhi's assassination said that Rajiv Gandhi told the foreign media in New Delhi that the Indian armed forces had "gone berserk in Kashmir. Human rights have been violated in Kashmir", that this comment of his was directed at U.S. lawmakers who control the CIA money which elects and keeps India's prime ministers in office and that the Indian press had failed to report this comment, controlled as it is by the CIA. His assassination followed within days of the publication of this letter of mine." The entire so-called freedom struggle under M. K. Gandhi consisted of such fake struggle with the government managed by the Intelligence Bureau after the British set up the Indian National Congress through the Britisher A. O. Hume after they had killed over ten million Indians in just the ten years after 1857, depopulating entire regions so there were not enough men left to till the land: The Guardian (August 24, 2007, Internet, report by Randeep Ramesh): "India's secret history: 'A holocaust, one where millions disappeared...': Author says British reprisals involved the killing of 10 m, spread over 10 years:..."; see my blog.
------------------END QUOTE-------------------

Here is a video of a Jewish woman talking about the ritual killing and eating for which Indian children are being trafficked to Israel by RAW:-


Here is a summary account of the Jewish torture of an adult Indian for the past four decades with the help of RAW:-

"India's greatest scientist and greatest living Indian publicly tortured in Harvard seminar, systematically and totally starved for up to 3 weeks at a time, made semi-starved and homeless and even blind for years, kept under 24-hour audio and video surveillance as well as surveillance of [and interference with] communications and electrical typewriter and computer use, document creation and photocopying, etc., by satellite for more than past 3 decades, systematically harassed and in poverty and neutralised and robbed of his work at the cost of hundreds of millions of dollars per year, robbed of crores in his money and property in India by C.I.A.-RAW, forced back into exile in the U.S., all with full cooperation and participation of India's RAW and India's C.I.A.-RAW-controlled prime ministers, politicians and media -- to keep India poor, weak and enslaved" and how this means the nuclear destruction of New Delhi and then the coast-to-coast destruction of the United States; see my blog titled 'Nuclear Supremacy For India Over U.S.' which can be found by a Yahoo/Google search with the title; my biography can be found in Marquis' Who's Who in the World, 2012 and earlier editions.

See http://thisiswhatthejewshavebeendoing.blogspot.com/

The History of Jewish Human Sacrifice:-


The following are my posts on Pakistan Defence Forum in my thread titled 'RAW's Trafficking of Indian Children To Israel To Be Used As Food:-

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---------Start quote of post by Pax Sinica-----------
you should summarize the article. keep all the crucial parts while deleting the rest and use bold and colors on specific lines to get the important points across clearly.
---------End quote of post by Pax Sinica----------

The point is that India is in a state of slavery to the Jews, Americans and other white countries. This slavery is maintained through RAW which functions as a branch of the CIA against India; see what I have said under "This is what you should know about RAW" in my opening post of this thread. I had asked the Indian Army to arrest the top 1,000 or so officers of RAW. It has not done so. Everyone in New Delhi is a collaborator with the enemy; see what I have said in my opening post about India's fake 'freedom struggle' under M. K. Gandhi who was a lifelong British agent and a homosexual who reveled in his "slavery with a vengeance" to the white man as when he wrote, in a letter that is in his archives, to the white man "How completely you have taken possession of my body; it is slavery with a vengeance". In my opening post I have referred to the report in The Guardian about the holocaust committed by the British, killing over ten million Indians in just the ten years after the uprising of 1857. An Indian defence board, Bharat-Rakshak, has a thread on genocide which discusses holocausts all over the world but not the biggest of them all, the one committed by the British on Indians. Indians are in a state of repression, denial and mass-psychosis. They cannot face the truth about themselves or their history. It is not just that a handful of the British from half-way around the world ruled India for centuries; a lot of other people from various countries did that for a thousand years before that. And all these foreign invaders and occupiers committed mass-slaughters of Indians the like of which no other part of the world has seen. To take just one example out of dozens, Mahmud of Ghazni used to come like clockwork every year for over twenty years and each time killed hundreds of thousands and took away as slaves hundreds of thousands of Indians who basically waited passively for him to come and kill and enslave them by the hundreds of thousands every year. That is why Adolf Hitler said in his Mein Kamf "As for India, I would rather see India under the British than under anyone else". In my 'Source of Manmohan Singh's deep love for Bush' (included in my blog), I have explained the mechanism underlying the behavior of Indians toward the white man one manifestation of which is the denial Indians resort to when faced with the truth about themselves though the abuse posted here is by RAW operatives who know the truth of what I write. But India's nuclear forces obey Satish Chandra. He does not need India's conventional forces or the rest of the government and citizenry to break its slavery which will be done by nuclear means -- by the simultaneous nuclear destruction of New Delhi, Washington and New York, with a warning that additional U.S. cities will be destroyed, with nuclear warheads already emplaced in them by special forces, if there is any retaliation. Five years later India can finish the job with the United States' coast-to-coast destruction.
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I have referred above to my 'Source of Manmohan Singh's Deep Love For Bush'. This is what I said about it:-

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Sunday, October 5, 2008
Source of Manmohan Singh's 'Deep Love' for Bush
Indian politicians have condemned Manmohan Singh’s telling Bush that the people of India “deeply love” him. They should see the source of Indians’ love for the white man as I explained many months ago (see my blog titled 'Nuclear Supremacy For India Over U.S.' ) :-

“There is a basic difference between the treason of Indira, Rajiv and Vajpayee and that of Manmohan Singh. The holocaust after 1857 in which the British killed ten million Indians in the first decade to terrorize and subdue them was in large part committed with the help of Sikhs. This terrorization and subduing continued right up to the end of direct British rule, exemplified by the Sikh soldier, riding in a jeep with the British viceroy, cutting down with his submachine gun any Indian, man, woman or child, that came in view on either side of the road. The role of the Sikhs, who were originally founded to save India from foreign invaders -- the invaders were then Muslims -- reversed from 1857 on and they became a principal instrument of the British terrorization and subjugation of India. The Sikhs know how successful this terrorization and subjugation was -- it is this terrorization and subjugation because of which Indians today dare not even mention nuclear supremacy for India much less demand it -- and their role in it determines their attitude toward whites and toward Indians. This is why Manmohan Singh considers himself answerable to no one except Bush and the white man as he imposes the terrorization and subjugation of the nuclear deal on India, makes no attempt to hide his loyalty to the white man and shows open contempt for Indians…. Like Manmohan Singh and others praising British rule over India (he did that when receiving an honorary doctorate from Cambridge University; he was prime minister of India at the time), there are many Indians who praise American rule over India. Like the many Indians loyal to Queen Victoria, there are many Indians loyal to the white woman illegitimately living in the prime ministerial residence, illegitimately flying in the Air Force's special jets and giving orders to destroy India [she was treated as the empress of India even before she held any party or government post and all visiting heads of state were required to call on her at her residence; this was so even during BJP governments at the Center]. … In war, officers are under orders to execute on the spot any soldiers who are too terrorized to fight or obey orders to advance on enemy positions. … The terrorization and subjugation Indians have undergone at the hands of the British is responsible for Indians refusing to even mention, much less demand, nuclear supremacy over the United States. It is necessary to execute -- machine gun and bulldoze into trenches -- at least a few thousand such Indians, who are in key positions -- such as RAW employees, politicians and media people -- to obstruct India's nuclear supremacy (they may be terrorized or bought up or both though being bought up is greatly facilitated by being terrorized; the terror, when long standing, is usually repressed meaning unconscious and being subjugated often involves both terror and carrot but terror is the foundation of the treason of RAW employees and people such as Vajpayee and Mani Shankar Aiyar though all they may feel is love and loyalty for the white man; terror facilitates such love [emphasis added]; a former head of RAW, Vikram Sood, in a column in Hindustan Times, repeatedly quoted the white/Christian head of the missionary school he attended as the fount of all wisdom on various issues and referred to Indians as worshippers of snakes and monkeys on a Times of India blog -- I have referred in a letter below to RAW arranging for practitioners of an Indian discipline, whose understanding of gravity and inertia I called superior to that of Albert Einstein, to be physically attacked and driven away in Noida and Madhya Pradesh on the C.I.A.'s orders -- but such behavior of RAW employees, the behavior of desi people like Laloo Yadav and even thoroughly devout and traditional Indians and of all Indians in everyone's household, neighbourhood and community is profoundly determined by the terrorization and subjugation the British inflicted on Indians and this terrorization and subjugation is responsible for the fact that no Indian dares to even mention, much less demand, nuclear supremacy for India …), for India’s nuclear supremacy to go forward.”

Since I wrote the above, I have said that, instead of being machine-gunned and bulldozed into trenches, Indians in a position to obstruct India’s nuclear supremacy over the most powerful white country will be destroyed with the nuclear destruction of New Delhi (see my blog titled 'Nuclear Supremacy For India Over U.S.' ).
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but indians on this forum seem so happy about the conditions of their country. they constantly boast about western democracy and ideals and also praising everything western, but you say they are actually slaves of the 'white man' aka british (or american; same people different flag)? i could understand how an indian would find this hard to fathom, but it is weird how friendly and welcoming the indians are to the same people who committed such atrocities on them for centuries.

mr assistant, overall, are you saying that india is just a pawn?
----------End quote of post by Pax Sinica----------

Yes, it is a pawn, a slave, a society suffering from mass-psychosis. Despite the recent revelations about M. K. Gandhi being a homosexual who reveled in his "slavery with a vengeance" to the white man, who engaged in a fake 'freedom struggle" with the British managed by the Intelligence Bureau, the entire Indian government went to his memorial on his death anniversary this January 30, 2012 to pay tribute. India is a very sick society. (I had urged that all his portraits in government offices, etc. be burned).

By saying that India is suffering from mass-psychosis, I am being generous and kind of giving it the excuse of being ill (of the several hats I wear, I am also a mental health professional) but a country of 1.2 billion people being so terrified of much smaller numbers of people from half way around the world cannot really be excused. Japan was forcibly 'opened up' to the West by Admiral Perry in the middle of the nineteenth century but within 50 years they were ready to take on the West as they did in their 1904 war with Russia. Instead of giving Indians the excuse of illness, it will be fairer to condemn them for such despicable behavior as you would condemn any person or group for showing extremely bad character. Evidence of their bad character is their behavior toward me -- evidenced by the abuse they post against me when I talk of liberating them -- who has devoted his life to liberating India from its slavery and made sacrifices that no one in India has.
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Here is an example of the Indians' character:-

This is the full text of my press release of July 11, 2011:-
"The violence Ram Dev and followers faced was not a billionth part of the violence I faced in a Harvard University seminar which I described in my letter dated July 27, 1982 to Indira Gandhi as prime minister as "the equivalent of an annihilatory nuclear first strike on India". In her reply dated July 29, 1982 she wrote "Dear Mr. Chandra, I have received your letter dated July 27, 1982 and am passing it on to my Principal Secretary to deal with it. Sincerely, Indira Gandhi". But I never heard from the Principal Secretary, P. C. Alexander and as I wrote in my blog "This bugger should be hung up by the heels and asked why". For six and a half months I lived in an M.I.T. library which used to be open 24-hours, sleeping on the chairs at night and going without food for up to three weeks at a time. When I felt sick due to starvation and went to a Cambridge hospital, they refused to admit me. When I went to another Cambridge hospital, the doctor, refusing to admit me said "This is not the Holiday Inn!". The entire Indian community at M.I.T. knew I was starving and being persecuted because my work had put me in a position of leadership in my field and the Indian government sent a minister/secretary to speak to them and reassure them. Later, when I was similarly starving in an M.I.T. dormitory where an Iranian let me in during summer vacation, 1980 -- my pulse was 49 when I once checked it -- and where an Indian graduate student said to his Indian dinner guests while I lay starving on a couch a few feet away "If you start talking like this, CIA peeche par jati hai (the CIA gets after you)", I was almost jailed by M.I.T. campus police when this Indian falsely accused me of stealing a handful of cereal. As I wrote in an article titled "The Soviet Coup" two decades ago, "Year after year after year, I had trouble buying enough flour -- the cheapest source of calories besides margarine -- to keep my weight from falling" to about half of my normal weight."
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Here is another example of the character of Indians from my press release dated January 26, 2012, titled "Nigger Slaves of the Indian Media":-

"Whether it is science, literature or any other field, no one is allowed to succeed in India unless he has the approval of CIA-RAW (see 'What You Should Know About RAW' in my blog 'Nuclear Supremacy For India Over U.S.' ) and is compatible with continued slavery for India to the white man. Tagore wrote 'Jana Gana Mana' (it is India's national anthem) as a hymn to the visiting British emperor and hence the Nobel Prize to him a few years later. Amartya Sen was given the Nobel Prize as a dummy substitute for me; see 'How India's Economy Can Grow 30% Per Year Or More' in my blog. What I have done would easily merit half a dozen Nobel Prizes; see http://www.thisiswhatthejewshavebeendoing.blogspot.com/ . J. N. Parimoo, who was the Times of India correspondent in Washington in the early 1980s, asked me if even a public television station had not done a story on the persecution of the world's greatest scientist and greatest living Indian below; he would not do a story on it unless it first came out in the U.S. media. A few years later I received a certified letter, return receipt requested, from CBS News which wanted to do a 'Sixty Minutes' segment on it which was the most widely watched public affairs program in the U.S. at that time (the letter asked my permission for them to "read" a short piece, titled "The Soviet Coup", that described the matter in a few words that I had faxed to CBS News and other media). When I did not respond (I had sent it to be read, what else? They had evidently read it for them to send a certified letter, return receipt requested. The letter seemed like a ploy for them to deny they knew about the matter it described), 'Sixty Minutes' did a segment on bride burnings in India, instead.

I also described the matter in my letter dated July 27, 1982 to Indira Gandhi as prime minister. In her reply dated July 29, 1982 she wrote "Dear Mr. Chandra, I have received your letter dated July 27, 1982 and am passing it on to my Principal Secretary to deal with it. Sincerely, Indira Gandhi". But I never heard from the Principal Secretary, P. C. Alexander. As I said "This bugger should be hung up by the heels and asked why". Alexander was made governor of Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu and was about to be made president of India as reward for his treachery but was replaced with A. P. J. Abdul Kalam (see my blog)."
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-----------Start quote of post by Pax Sinica-----------
if what you say is true, can there be hope? indians on this forum, and im sure in general will almost always stand up for the 'white man' like it is his life duty. like you said, all the politicians and power holders in the indian government and also all the heads of the indian "free" media are actually secretly on the british (or american) payroll and they are in reality working for the interest of the 'white man' while pretending to look independent. if this is true, then would you say the game is over for india as an independent country?
-----------End quote of post by Pax Sinica----------

India's nuclear forces are less enslaved than the rest of India. The only hope is in the simultaneous nuclear destruction of New Delhi, Washington and New York, with a warning that additional U.S. cities will be destroyed, with nuclear warheads already emplaced in them by special forces, if there is any retaliation. This should enable India to build up a large stockpile of nuclear warheads and missiles to carry out the coast-to-coast destruction of the United States five years later. For obvious reasons, I cannot say more than that. I have shown the way and it is for the nuclear forces to execute.

-----------START POST-----------
I have written that the Indians easily accepted a handful of the British from half way around the world as rulers and, after the nuclear destruction of New Delhi, Washington and New York (my previous post), they will easily accept Satish Chandra as ruler. They would have accepted, even demanded, Satish Chandra as ruler several decades ago but for the crimes of CIA-RAW against him described in my earlier posts.

On June 15, 2010 I wrote: "The life of a nation includes and can be defined by the life of a leader whose psyche and genes they come to share. By cutting off the life of the Indian who is the life and light of India from the Indian people, putting in place long time agents of British intelligence and the C.I.A. such as the Nehru family and Vajpayee instead, C.I.A.-RAW have ensured the decay and death of the Indian nation. The nuclear destruction of New Delhi (above) can change this situation and bring India back to life."
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India's current chief of air staff, N. A. K. Browne, that I have referred to below, is a CIA-RAW man; he was posted in Israel for several years and was deeply involved in the trafficking of Indian children to Israel to be used as food; he was also the source of the proposal, that I have referred to in the opening post of this thread, to set up a processing facility to prepare and ship the meat of Indians to Israel but which was rejected because Jewish custom requires the victims to be tortured and killed over several hours before they can be eaten:-

In my press release dated January 11, 2012 I said:-

---------START QUOTE---------
Why Were Iraq's Aircraft & Tanks Behaving Erratically During the Gulf Wars?
During the first Gulf War, it was reported that Iraq's fighter planes that rose to meet the American attackers were just flying randomly instead of attacking the attackers. In the second Gulf War, therefore, Iraq simply buried its fighter planes in the sand or sent them to shelter in Iran. During the second Gulf War, it was reported that Iraqi tanks defending Baghdad were firing randomly instead of hitting the advancing American tanks. Both these phenomena were due to the fact that microwave signals from U. S. satellites can hack into and operate any digital circuitry and the Iraqi inability to control its aircraft and tanks was due to such hacking. When an Indian Sukhoi-30MKI crashed on December 13 '11, the pilots who ejected safely reported that they were having difficulty controlling the plane and struggled to control it for 20 minutes before ejecting. This is what I have written about that:-

"When I say the new Chief of Air Staff, N. A. K. Browne, is a CIA-RAW man, I mean he literally sits at CIA-supplied terminals to participate in crimes against India. More than a thousand Indian Air Force aircraft have crashed since 1970, the vast majority of the crashes caused by microwaves from U. S. satellites which can hack into and operate any digital equipment. In his first week in office as Chief of Air Staff, Browne caused two Indian Air Force fighter planes to crash with microwaves from satellites, to give a boost to his bid to buy worse than worthless foreign aircraft for several tens of billions of dollars of which he will get a hefty cut along with the Defence Minister and the Italian woman who gets the largest cut. The Sukhoi crash on Dec. 13 '11 and the grounding of the Sukhoi fleet has been caused 2 days ahead of the purchase decision as the purchase was made impossible by my opposition to it. See http://www.indianairforcepilotsmurder.blogspot.com/ . "

The United States can similarly disable air defence missiles and has repeatedly disabled Pakistan's air defences. It even disabled Pakistan's nuclear warheads during the Kargil conflict as Gen. Musharraf has admitted. I have repeatedly pointed to this peril from microwave signals from U. S. satellites as in my addendum dated February 26, 2006 titled "National security crisis due to microwaves from satellites" in my blog titled "Nuclear Supremacy For India Over U.S." which can be found from a Yahoo/Google search with the title and have provided solutions to this problem. Despite all this, the criminals of the Indian government -- the Cabinet Committee on Security -- on January 5 '12 approved the purchase of one and a half billion dollars worth of worse than worthless French air-to-air missiles for the worse than worthless Mirage 2000 fighters.

What I have said above about the peril from microwaves from satellites to the electronics of aircraft and tanks also applies to the electronic fuses for artillery shells which the Indian government is reportedly purchasing from Israel.
---------END QUOTE---------

The same day -- January 31, 2012 -- that the decision in favor of the French Rafale aircraft was announced, the crash of a Kiran trainer aircraft was caused by microwaves from satellites to give a boost to the bid to buy the Pilatus trainer aircraft from abroad which is pending.

Following my recent warnings about the U.S. ability to hack the electronics of aircraft, tanks, missiles, warhead triggers, etc., the following article, dated January 30, 2012, titled "Hacking Seen As Rising Risk With Car Electronics" has appeared on moneyDOTmsnDOTcom:-

Hacking Seen as Rising Risk With Car Electronics: Bloomberg - MSN Money

It says, in part:-

"“There clearly is a vulnerability,” said Adrian Lund, president of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, based in Arlington, Va. “All these electronics we’re bringing into cars seem to exacerbate that.”
A National Academy of Sciences panel, including Lund, elevated the concerns in a report Jan. 18 reviewing U.S. regulators’ work in finding the cause of unintended acceleration in Toyota Motor Corp. vehicles.
Savage and co-author Tadayoshi Kohno, from the University of Washington, found vulnerabilities in telematics systems, which make the connections between cars and mobile communications. "

Mobile communications means microwaves.

Satish Chandra
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-------Start Quote of Post by Pax Sinica---------
if what you say is true, can there be hope? indians on this forum, and im sure in general will almost always stand up for the 'white man' like it is his life duty. like you said, all the politicians and power holders in the indian government and also all the heads of the indian "free" media are actually secretly on the british (or american) payroll and they are in reality working for the interest of the 'white man' while pretending to look independent. if this is true, then would you say the game is over for india as an independent country?
--------End Quote of Post by Pax Sinica--------

The following article which appeared in the Atlantic Monthly of October 1908, more than a century ago, described the absolute slavery of India to Britain and the same absolute slavery to the white man continues today of which RAW's trafficking of Indian children to Israel to be used as food is an example. Note that about twenty thousand Indian farmers have been committing suicide every year for more than a decade because of indebtedness and hunger caused by the wealth transfer to American companies such as Monsanto the Indian government has undertaken while at the same time the Indian government is transferring wealth, 13 billion dollars for worse than worthless fighter aircraft in just one deal announced on January 31st '12, in numerous worse than worthless purchases from white countries at breakneck speed:-

---------START QUOTE---------
... we must first of all get clearly in mind the fact that India is a subject land. She is a dependency of Great Britain, not a colony. Britain has both colonies and dependencies. Many persons suppose them to be identical; but they are not. Britain's free colonies, like Canada and Australia, though nominally governed by the mother country, are really self-ruling in everything except their relations to foreign powers. Not so with dependencies like India. These are granted no self-government, no representation; they are ruled absolutely by Great Britain, which is not their "mother" country, but their conqueror and master.

Why is England in India at all? Why did she go there at first, and why does she remain? If India had been a comparatively empty land, as America was when it was discovered, so that Englishmen had wanted to settle there and make homes, the reason would have been plain. But it was a full land; and, as a fact, no British emigrants have ever gone to India to settle and make homes. If the Indian people had been savages or barbarians, there might have seemed more reason for England's conquering and ruling them. But they were peoples with highly organized governments far older than that of Great Britain, and with a civilization that had risen to a splendid height before England's was born. Said Lord Curzon, the late Viceroy of India, in an address delivered at the great Delhi Durbar in 1901: "Powerful Empires existed and flourished here [in India] while Englishmen were still wandering painted in the woods, and while the British Colonies were a wilderness and a jungle. India has left a deeper mark upon the history, the philosophy, and the religion of mankind, than any other terrestrial unit in the universe." It is such a land that England has conquered and is holding as a dependency. It is such a people that she is ruling without giving them any voice whatever in the shaping of their own destiny. The honored Canadian Premier, Sir Wilfred Laurier, at the Colonial Conference held in London in connection with the coronation of King Edward, declared, "The Empire of Rome was composed of slave states; the British Empire is a galaxy of free nations." But is India a free nation? At that London Colonial Conference which was called together for consultation about the interests of the entire Empire, was any representative invited to be present from India ? Not one. Yet Lord Curzon declared in his Durbar address in Delhi, that the "principal condition of the strength of the British throne is the possession of the Indian Empire, and the faithful attachment and service of the Indian people." British statesmen never tire of boasting of "our Indian Empire," and of speaking of India as "the brightest jewel in the British crown." Do they reflect that it is virtually a slave empire of which they are so proud; and that this so-called brightest jewel reflects no light of political freedom?

Crossing over from this side to London, we sail from there to India in a magnificent steamer. On board is a most interesting company of people, made up of merchants, travelers, and especially Englishmen who are either officials connected with the Indian Government or officers in the Indian army, who have been home on furlough with their families and are now returning. We land in Bombay, a city that reminds us of Paris or London or New York or Washington. Our hotel is conducted in English style. We go to the railway station, one of the most magnificent buildings of the kind in the world, to take the train for Calcutta, the capital, some fifteen hundred miles away. Arrived at Calcutta we hear it called the City of Palaces; nor do we wonder at the name. Who owns the steamship line by which we came to India? The British. Who built that splendid railway station in Bombay? The British. Who built the railway on which we rode to Calcutta? The British.

To whom do these palatial buildings belong? Mostly to the British. We find that Calcutta and Bombay have a large commerce. To whom does it belong? Mainly to the British. We find that the Indian Government, that is, British rule in India, has directly or indirectly built in the land some 29,000 miles of railway; has created good postal and telegraph systems, reaching nearly everywhere; has established or assisted in establishing many schools, colleges, hospitals, and other institutions of public benefit; has promoted sanitation, founded law courts after the English pattern, and done much else to bring India into line with the civilization of Europe. It is not strange if we soon begin to exclaim, "How much are the British doing for India! How great a benefit to the Indian people is British rule!" And in an important degree we are right in what we say. British rule has done much for India, and much for which India itself is profoundly grateful.

But have we seen all? Is there no other side? Have we discovered the deepest and most important that exists? If there are signs of prosperity, is it the prosperity of the Indian people, or only of their English masters? If the English are living in ease and luxury, how are the people of the land living? If there are railways and splendid buildings, who pay for them? and who get profits out of them? Have we been away from the beaten tracks of travel ? Have we been out among the Indian people themselves, in country as well as in city? Nearly nine-tenths of the people are ryots, or small farmers, who derive their sustenance directly from the land. Have we found out how they live? Do we know whether they are growing better off, or poorer? Especially have we looked into the causes of those famines, the most terrible known to the modern world, which have swept like a besom of death over the land year after year, and which drag after them another scourge scarcely less dreadful, the plague, their black shadow, their hideous child? Here is a side of India which we must acquaint ourselves with, as well as the other, if we would understand the real Indian situation.

The great, disturbing, portentous, all-overshadowing fact connected with the history of India in recent years is the succession of famines. What do these famines mean ? Here is a picture from a recent book, written by a distinguished British civilian who has had long service in India and knows the Indian situation from the inside. Since he is an Englishman we may safely count upon his prejudices, if he has any, being not upon the side of the Indian people, but upon that of his own countrymen. Mr. W. S. Lilly, in his India and Its Problems,writes as follows:—

"During the first eighty years of the nineteenth century, 18,000,000 of people perished of famine. In one year alone—the year when her late Majesty assumed the title of Empress—5,000,000 of the people in Southern India were starved to death. In the District of Bellary, with which I am personally acquainted,—a region twice the size of Wales,—one-fourth of the population perished in the famine of 1816-77. I shall never forget my own famine experiences: how, as I rode out on horseback, morning after morning, I passed crowds of wandering skeletons, and saw human corpses by the roadside, unburied, uncared for, and half devoured by dogs and vultures; how, sadder sight still, children, 'the joy of the world,' as the old Greeks deemed, had become its ineffable sorrow, and were forsaken by the very women who had borne them, wolfish hunger killing even the maternal instinct. Those children, their bright eyes shining from hollow sockets, their nesh utterly wasted away, and only gristle and sinew and cold shivering skin remaining, their heads mere skulls, their puny frames full of loathsome diseases, engendered by the starvation in which they had been conceived and born and nurtured—they haunt me still." Every one who has gone much about India in famine times knows how true to life is this picture.

Mr. Lilly estimates the number of deaths in the first eight decades of the last century at 18,000,000. This is nothing less than appalling,—within a little more than two generations as many persons perishing by starvation in a single country as the whole population of Canada, New England, and the city and state of New York, or nearly half as many as the total population of France! But the most startling aspect of the case appears in the fact that the famines increased in number and severity as the century went on. Suppose we divide the past century into quarters, or periods of twenty-five years each. In the first quarter there were five famines, with an estimated loss of life of 1,000,000. During the second quarter of the century there were two famines, with an estimated mortality of 500,000. During the third quarter there were six famines, with a recorded loss of life of 5,000,000. During the last quarter of the century, what? Eighteen famines, with an estimated mortality reaching the awful totals of from 15,000,000 to 26,000,000. And this does not include the many more millions (over 6,000,000 in a single year) barely kept alive by government doles.

What is the cause of these famines, and this appalling increase in their number and destructiveness? The common answer is, the failure of the rains. But there seems to be no evidence that the rains fail worse now than they did a hundred years ago. Moreover, why should failure of rains bring famine? The rains have never failed over areas so extensive as to prevent the raising of enough food in the land to supply the needs of the entire population. Why then have people starved? Not because there was lack of food. Not because there was lack of food in the famine areas, brought by railways or otherwise within easy reach of all. There has always been plenty of food, even in the worst famine years, for those who have had money to buy it with, and generally food at moderate prices. Why, then, have all these millions of people perished? Because they were so indescribably poor. All candid and thorough investigation into the causes of the famines of India has shown that the chief and fundamental cause has been and is the poverty of the people,—a poverty so severe and terrible that it keeps the majority of the entire population on the very verge of starvation even in years of greatest plenty, prevents them from laying up anything against times of extremity, and hence leaves them, when their crops fail, absolutely undone—with nothing between them and death, unless some form of charity comes to their aid. Says Sir Charles Elliott long the Chief Commissioner of Assam, "Half the agricultural population do not know from one halfyear's end to another what it is to have a full meal." Says the Honorable G. K. Gokhale, of the Viceroy's Council,"From 60,000,000 to 70,000,000 of the people of India do not know what it is to have their hunger satisfied even once in a year."

And the people are growing poorer and poorer. The late Mr. William Digby, of London, long an Indian resident, in his recent book entitled "Prosperous" India,shows from official estimates and Parliamentary and Indian Blue Books, that, whereas the average daily income of the people of India in the year 1850 was estimated as four cents per person (a pittance on which one wonders that any human being can live), in 1882 it had fallen to three cents per person, and in 1900 actually to less than two cents per person. Is it any wonder that people reduced to such extremities as this can lay up nothing? Is it any wonder that when the rains do not come, and the crops of a single season fail, they are lost? And where is this to end? If the impoverishment of the people is to go on, what is there before them but growing hardship, multiplying famines, and increasing loss of life?

Here we get a glimpse of the real India. It is not the India which the traveler sees, following the usual routes of travel, stopping at the leading hotels conducted after the manner of London or Paris, and mingling with the English lords of the country. It is not the India which the British "point to with pride," and tell us about in their books of description and their official reports. This is India from the inside, the India of the people, of the men, women, and children, who were born there and die there, who bear the burdens and pay the taxes, and support the costly government carried on by foreigners, and do the starving when the famines come.

What causes this awful and growing impoverishment of the Indian people? Said John Bright, "If a country be found possessing a most fertile soil, and capable of bearing every variety of production, and, notwithstanding, the people are in a state of extreme destitution and suffering, the chances are there is some fundamental error in the government of that country."

Perhaps the greatest of all the causes of the impoverishment of the Indian people is the steady and enormous drain of wealth from India to England, which has been going on ever since the East India Company first set foot in the land, three hundred years ago, and is going on still with steadily increasing volume. England claims that India pays her no "tribute." Technically, this is true; but, really, it is very far from true. In the form of salaries spent in England, pensions sent to England, interest drawn in England on investments made in India, business profits made in India and sent to England, and various kinds of exploitation carried on in India for England's benefit, a vast stream of wealth ("tribute" in effect) is constantly pouring into England from India. Says Mr. R. C. Dutt, author of the Economic History of India(and there is no higher authority), "A sum reckoned at twenty millions of English money, or a hundred millions of American money [some other authorities put it much higher], which it should be borne in mind is equal to half the net revenues of India, is remitted annually from this country [India] to England, without a direct equivalent. Think of it! One-half of what we [in India] pay as taxes goes out of the country, and does not come back to the people. No other country on earth suffers like this at the present day; and no country on earth could bear such an annual drain without increasing impoverishment and repeated famines. We denounce ancient Rome for impoverishing Gaul and Egypt, Sicily and Palestine, to enrich herself. We denounce Spain for robbing the New World and the Netherlands to amass wealth. England is following exactly the same practice in India. Is it strange that she is converting India into a land of poverty and famine?"

It is said that India is incapable of ruling herself. If so, what an indictment is this against England! She was not incapable of ruling herself before England came. Have one hundred and fifty years of English tutelage produced in her such deterioration? As we have seen, she was possessed of a high civilization and of developed governments long before England or any part of Europe had emerged from barbarism. For three thousand years before England's arrival, Indian kingdoms and empires had held leading places in Asia. Some of the ablest rulers, statesmen, and financiers of the world have been of India's production. How is it, then, that she loses her ability to govern herself as soon as England appears upon the scene? To be sure, at that time she was in a peculiarly disorganized and unsettled state; for it should be remembered that the Mogul Empire was just breaking up, and new political adjustments were everywhere just being made,—a fact which accounts for England's being able to gain a political foothold in India. But everything indicates that if India had not been interfered with by European powers, she would soon have been under competent governments of her own again.
---------END QUOTE--------

As I have described in earlier posts, the British, after a fake 'freedom struggle' managed by the Intelligence Bureau, left India in the hands of their native servants who fiercely guard and advance their masters' interests. These servants of theirs were serving their white masters before the so-called 'Independence' in 1947 as well. Millions of Indians fought for the British in both World War I and II, tens of thousands of them giving their lives for their white masters and not a single one of them fought the British on behalf of India.
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Just as M. K. Gandhi reveled in his "slavery with a vengeance" to the white man, Indians today revel in their "slavery with a vengeance" to the white man (and woman). Indians put full page advertisements in newspapers saying how they are lying "at your feet, Madam" to the white (Italian) woman they have accepted as the supreme ruler of India. A Harvard University economist has estimated the transfer of wealth to her relatives alone in Europe to be in the trillions of dollars.

Because of the unlimited supply of Indian children to be used as food, many Israeli sheep and goat farmers have switched to other businesses; they are not committing suicide due to indebtedness and hunger as twenty thousand Indian farmers have been doing every year for decades. India's Agriculture Minister is a cricket enthusiast and he wanted to try out the skins of Indian children used as food in Israel to be used in the manufacture of cricket balls because well known Italian makers of hand bags and shoes have started using them in their products. A single hand bag or pair of shoes may cost tens of thousands of dollars but none of this money makes its way to India.
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Talking of lying "at your feet Madam", Indians pay ten crore (one hundered million) rupees to lie prostrate in her drive way facing the house entrance for two minutes and there are thousands of people on the waiting list.

My meat of choice is beef and mutton and I wouldn't eat the meat of children from India even if I were a Jew. I was born in a strictly vegetarian family but tried mutton curry and chicken curry a few times when in college. After coming to the United States, I ate hamburgers virtually every day. Intermittently I became a vegetarian again for various periods of time depending upon what I read about the health-giving properties of various foods. On reading that the Aryans of the Rig Veda ate beef, I became aggressively a beef eater, eating up to two pounds of beef frankfurters, bologna, steak, etc. a day. But for the last 11 months, I have been a vegetarian again -- for health reasons -- except for an occasional pepperoni pizza from Pakistani pizzerias in Toronto. The Jews' eating of human flesh involves not just eating but the long-drawn-out ritual murder that precedes and accompanies the eating. There is a lot of shouting and rejoicing at the victim's pain and procedures for collecting and drinking the blood of the victims. I have known Jews for over 45 years, have lived with them for long periods of time and dated Jewish women and most of what I know about the Jews' ritual murder and eating of victims is from the Jews themselves.
------------END POST------------

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The value of the children's skins depends upon the child's age -- the younger the child the more valuable the skin. Even handbags that are not made from children's skins run into tens of thousands of dollars. The price of a handbag made from children's skins would be out of sight. Many are sold through stores run by the Italian woman's relatives who collect the major part of the price as profit. Her daughter in India is known to own several such handbags and her son in India owns several pairs of shoes made from children's skins as does the Italian woman herself. Indians want to lie at her feet in part because they ascribe to her the powers and status of goddess Kali because of her owning and wearing shoes made from children's skins.
----------END POST-----------

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------Start Quote from Post by BATMAN--------
I ask one question that RAW was very active in northern alliance, had they also exported Pashtoon kids which were rendered parent less due to war?
-------End Quote from Post By BATMAN-------
Yes and there was a great deal of competition among RAW officers for being posted to the area because of the profitability of the trade. Pashtoon kids fetched a much higher price than Indian kids because of their fairer skin, etc.
--------END POST--------

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Some people in the southern state of Tamil Nadu even offered their children to be sacrificed and their skins made into shoes for the Italian woman because they thought it will bring them good luck.
-----------END POST---------

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The practice of sacrificing children to win the favor of gods and goddesses is long-standing in India but its occurrence is rare. The trafficking of children to Israel for use as food is not done with the parents' consent who would be horrified if they knew this fate of their missing children and this trafficking is on an industrial scale. It is the work of RAW and has no sanction in Indian society, past or present.
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The number of Indian children being trafficked to Israel, brutally tortured, killed and consumed as food every year far exceeds the number of deaths in Syria's civil unrest but there is no international outcry about it. Just as the number of Afghans killed by American and Nato invaders is thousands of times greater than the number of people killed in Syria's civil unrest but there are no UN Security Council resolutions condemning, putting sanctions on and initiating military action against the United States and NATO countries.
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Should RAW's trafficking of Indian children to Israel to be used as food be a cause for regime change? You bet!
---------END POST----------

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This trafficking has the sanction of the Italian woman but is she a member of Indian society? The wealth that Imelda Marcos and her husband in the Philippines amassed was not even peanuts compared to the wealth amassed by the Italian woman just as Imelda Marcos' world famous shoe collection was nothing compared to the Italian woman's fetish for shoes made from the skins of Indian children.
----------END POST----------

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The Italian woman gifted some of these shoes made from the skins of Indian children to the French president's wife who is Italian. Also handbags. The United States Secretary of State had requested one such handbag and it was sent to her by special jet which made the trip just for this purpose. Soon it will be a standard gift item to give to people in American and European governments.
----------END POST-----------

The BJP said its ministers in the Karnataka legislature were only "watching" violent porn videos on a smart phone, not "doing" it. Owners of these shoes & handbags -- who report wearing these shoes or carrying the handbag to be an intensely sexual experience -- get videos of the prolonged torture, killing & skinning of the child whose skin was used in their shoes or handbags & can choose the child in advance.

From my press release dated February 19, 2012:-

-------START QUOTE--------
February 19, 2012: I have said (above) that this Italian ship was participating in the trafficking of Indian children to Israel to be used as food. A report in daily.bhaskar.com of February 20, 2012 ( http://daily.bhaskar.com/article/UP-another-horror-nithari-like-vampires-exposed-in-meerut-2878885.html?HT4=&msg=476057 ) says:-

----------START QUOTE-----------
"New Delhi/Meerut: Even as the gruesome memories of Nithari killings are yet to fade, a similar hair-raising incident has taken the entire nation by storm.
In what would sound like a horrendous nightmare, locals have busted a 150-member gang, which allegedly used to slaugther abducted children, roast their bodies and eat them after failing to strike a handsome deal with child traffickers.
During interrogation, the youth, identified as Amarjeet, has disclosed he is a member of a child trafficking gang and is paid Rs 10,000 to kidnap children on board trains in Delhi and Haryana.
The police were left aghast when Amarjeet confessed that gang members cut abducted children into pieces, roast their bodies and eat them after failing to strike a handsome deal with child traffickers, IG, Meerut range, Rajiv Krishna said.

The accused has also confessed to abducting a large number of children from nearby areas and selling them to child traffickers in Delhi and Haryana, Krishna said.
---------END QUOTE---------

These child traffickers are trafficking the children to Israel to be used as food. Since the children are cut into pieces and eaten as food in Israel (see below and in RAWsTraffickingOfIndianChildrenDOTblogspotDOTcom ), these traffickers, who are Hindus from the heart of India's heartland, have adopted the practice of eating the children they cannot sell at a good price. This would be similar to Indians working in call centers serving Americans adopting, along with American accents, American-like sex and drug practices.

Although the report says the "incident has taken the entire nation by storm", a search of Google News did not turn up the story in any other media organ except Daily Bhaskar. It disappeared from the Home Page of daily.bhaskar.com right after I saved it on my computer but the story is still listed under 'Uttar Pradesh' under 'States' and is accessible via the URL: http://daily.bhaskar.com/article/UP-another-horror-nithari-like-vampires-exposed-in-meerut-2878885.html . Presumably the story is being suppressed by RAW which does the trafficking.

I have had in mind that the story may have been concocted by RAW to 'neutralise' what I have said about the trafficking of Indian children to Israel to be used as food, with their skins used for making shoes and handbags. I have attached the story from daily.bhaskar.com to this E-Mail.

Although Indian officials have deliberately given the crew of the ship ample opportunity to erase evidence of the child trafficking the ship was participating in (see below), the ship must be thoroughly searched for such evidence, even though it will be difficult to find anything that RAW does not want to be found. But it is mandatory that the ENTIRE crew of the ship be arrested and thoroughly questioned, over months if necessary, using all the methods available to Indian police, about the trafficking. Since RAW can make the police and any other government and non-government agency say and do whatever it wants, finding the interrogators for the job will be difficult but not impossible. DNA evidence of the trafficked children will be particularly valuable and may be the easiest to find and difficult to erase.

The website daily.bhaskar.com, which carries the story about the child-trafficking ring in the Meerut area, is the English language site of Daily Bhaskar. I do not see the story on its Hindi language site or on the websites of Dainik Jagran or Nai Dunia, which I checked in case the story was only carried by Indian language newspapers. The story may have been placed by RAW on daily.bhaskar.com, which it knows I visit frequently, to divert me from writing about the fishermen's killings, which everyone knows about, to writing about the trafficking of Indian children to Israel to be used as food, which very few people know about.

Satish Chandra
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Satish Chandra